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The Productivity Tool for General Contractors.

Empowering the workers of today with the technology of tomorrow.

The platform to find jobs, manage reputation, track payments, and collaborate.


Contractors are losing more than 1 full day of work every week due to inefficiency.

85% of contractors report spending more than a quarter of their time tracking & reporting on project progress.

Ineffective coordination leads to poor quality work and causes delays to deadlines that impacts customer retention.

Low tech literacy prevents SMB general contractors from utilizing available enterprise project management and communication tools.


A SaaS tool made specifically for general contractors to manage their work.

Tools to manage all aspects of a job from customer order to job status to invoicing.

Centralized Communication

All job related coordination visible in one place.

Intuitive Workflow Management

Tools to manage all aspects of a job from customer order to job status to invoicing.

Sales Enablement

Digital business cards and storefronts enable customers to place orders.


Jose Ortega

Jose has a background in operations and managing large contractor workforces. Before joining Rex, Jose worked for Revel, a moped ride sharing company, where he launched the Austin market and ran the operations as General Manager. Prior to Revel, he was an operational leader for an energy infrastructure business where he built business plans and led execution of high priority infrastructure projects. He holds a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Texas Tech University.