Be a Rex Founder

Build a billion-dollar company while we meet all your fundraising, legal, and back office needs.

What to Expect with Rex

Ideas start at market fit. We have spent years carefully vetting and market testing these companies, and we know their massive potential. Founders will have a meaningful stake in a company worth $100B+ in 20 years.

Established funding. We have a capital operations team who streamlining the fundraising process and a strong network of investors already interested in investing directly into your business without predatory gatekeepers.

Elite co-founders. We’ll find world-class product, design, and engineering personnel to join your company. We only hire the top 1% of talent who are already fighting to join the team, so you know you’ll be working with the best in the industry.

Comprehensive back office support. Unlike typical founders who spend more than 50% of their time handling back office needs, we have teams that take care of legal, accounting, HR, recruiting, brand, media, FP&A, etc so that you can focus completely on building the business.

Skin in the game. You own the responsibility, the risk, and the reward. Our Founders are empowered to make decisions and drive strategy and execution. In addition, you personally invest in your company by taking a reduced market salary in exchange for equity.

Leadership guidance. You get to work directly with Peter Rex and other leaders who have built massive companies and can coach you through strategy, GTM, design, architecture, engineering management, etc.

Work that matters. Our team is dedicated to furthering the improvement of the entire human family by building tools that will empower people to live abundantly. Founders embrace that mission and contribute to something that will change lives.

What to Expect with Rex

Passionate about serving people. You understand the power technology has to elevate humanity, if it is built by people who have a servant’s heart. You are a missionary and not a mercenary.

Founder mentality.
You take on extreme ownership around business outcomes, and you are dedicated to hands-on execution and bring creative ways to solve problems. When faced with difficulty, you find a way (or make one).

Extreme work ethic.
You put in the work needed to hit aggressive deadlines. Working weekends and evenings doesn’t scare you. You have the grit to withstand early stage hardships.

World-class skill.
You are incredible at what you do — what people refer to as a ‘10X er.’

Bar raiser of talent.
You make sure we only hire exceptional people.

Ecosystem builder.
In addition to making your business successful, you are willing to help and partner with other companies in the ecosystem.