Our virtues


We love one another, we love what we do, we love who we serve. With passion.


It makes achieving great things possible. We first believe we can, then we do. We will find a way, or make one.


Selecting for world-class character, talent, drive and teaming ability; we vigorously develop, give and receive loyalty, and trust. Managing optimally, always leading, aggressively encapsulating.


To survive, we move as fast as possible. We shrewdly evaluate, quickly decide, immediately execute, nimbly pivot, and continually iterate.


Grounded in truth. Individually, and as a team, we know our weaknesses and play to our strengths. Staying within the limits of business, we serve the greater good.


With laser focus, taking the initiative, we fiercely execute against priorities. Relentlessly attack opportunity. Judging ourselves by results. Learning from competitors, fixating on customers. Superior in our access to, quality of, and the way we use information.


Resourceful, accountable, discreet. Eliminating muda. Excelling in compliance. We have a duty to use our talents and all resources to protect against permanent loss of capital and maximize long-term shareholder value.


Family, friendship and health are paramount. Prioritizing and integrating with our crucial mission ensures sustainable success.


Our foundation. We are upright, behaving honorably, respectfully and ethically. We are forthright, communicating point-blank, honestly and constructively.


Driving creative destruction and disrupting ourselves, we think independently, challenge the status quo, experimentally discover and aggressively invent. We are builders. We create.

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