December 13, 2021

Big Tech Is Still Radically Leftist And Intolerant. Here’s The Real Way To Beat It.

By Peter Rex

Jack Dorsey’s decision to step down as Twitter CEO won’t change Big Tech’s fundamental problems. Silicon Valley is still on track to control public discourse, economic innovation, cultural norms, and America’s future. If it isn’t stopped, an intolerant leftist domination of society seems assured. Yet those of us who recognize this struggle — whether conservatives, libertarians, or sane liberals — are largely neglecting the key front.

We’re focused on destroying Big Tech through regulation and legislation, when we should be focused on creating New Tech altogether. Systemic, deliberate entrepreneurship is the best way to beat Big Tech.

The situation is dire. Big Tech is tearing apart the country by tearing down the principles and practices that undergird American life and unite our people. That fact is understood on both sides of the aisle, and the most common solutions being offered are “Section 230” this, “trust bust” that, or some variation of legislation, regulation, and lawsuits.

It’s worth talking about these policies, but it’s also worth asking: What would happen if the smash-and-sue approach works? Less than we hope. We could shatter Facebook into a thousand companies, force Google to change its advertising practices, and mandate that Amazon carry Judeo-Christian books, but the next wave of tech companies will surely have the same basic issues.

That makes sense: Tech will still be envisioned, underwritten, and assembled by the same Silicon Valley set — a group that’s radicalized, ideologically uniform, and overtly hostile to anything and anyone who thinks differently.


Originally appeared on: The Daily Wire