November 19, 2020

Billionaire CEO vows to fight for working class against Big Tech censorship

By Caleb Parke| Fox News

Peter Rex tells 'Fox & Friends' Big Tech leadership 'sucks' and gives two ways it can be replaced with real leadership

Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter "crossed the line" censoring working-class America, billionaire tech firm CEO Peter Rex told "Fox & Friends."

The founder and CEO of Rex, a tech, investment and real estate firm, moved his company from Seattle to Texas earlier this year and says tech companies need new leadership that aligns its location and thinking with the rest of America.

"I'm proud to be an American. We've still got the greatest country out there," Rex told co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

"My family and my ancestors came from Ireland, where, as Catholics, they were held down, and I'm seeing this kind of censorship and holding people down, trying to hold the working class down, and I'm not going to allow that to happen. I'm not going to stand by. I'm going to fight for them," he said.

The billionaire leader says tech leadership "sucks" and needs to be replaced.

"We need leadership that believes in people," he said. "Leadership that believes especially in the working class, that wants to protect their freedom of speech, and trusts people to be able to discern the truth when given the opportunity to see various points of view."

He said two things need to be done to get new leadership in Big Tech.

"First, we have to invest in entrepreneurs who are grounded in Judeo-Christian thinking. Who are committed to serving people. The types of people you'd love to make your money alongside of," he said.

"Second, we need to build an alternative power structure outside of Silicon Valley and Seattle, in a place where freedom, faith and family are flourishing and are still held as sacred," Rex said.

His company moved to Texas after one employee couldn't buy a home in Seattle, but since the move his employees, including that one, have loved it and their company morale has improved.

"It won’t be easy to achieve this kind of tech transformation. It’ll take many years and many dollars. But the investment will be well worth it," he wrote in an op-ed for FOX Business.

Originally appeared on: Fox and Friends