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40% of contractors have no insurance and 70% are underinsured. Obtaining insurance is an expensive and complex process that creates barriers to getting work for independent contractors. Even if they can afford insurance, the plans are often long-term and one-size fits all, resulting in much higher costs than necessary for most jobs.

We launched InsurePro to make insurance accessible to everyone and to allow independent contractors to buy the exact insurance they need, when they need it. InsurePro is starting with maintenance contractors with plans to expand to adjacent industries as it grows.

Most businesses that use independent contractors have 30-90 day payment terms. This creates working capital problems for contractors and their workforce since they often have to pay for labor and materials prior to receiving payment from customers. As a result, contractors are priced out of jobs or unable to grow their business. In addition, businesses are limited to only work with contractors large enough to float the capital.

We launched PayUp to provide businesses with a larger pool of contractors and to empower contractors to scale their operation.

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Real estate investing has high capital requirements, knowledge barriers and complex tax issues that make it painful for accredited investors and inaccessible to the 100M US retail investors. Even if you are able to invest in real estate, you are left with an asset that is costly to maintain and difficult to sell.

We launched OwnProp to open up real estate investing to everyone and provide liquidity to homeowners and current investors. OwnProp is starting with properties available to accredited investors, and plans to open up to retail investors within 18 - 24 months.

Businesses expect contractors to adapt to their digital systems for job scoping, scheduling, quality assurance, payment processing, and more. Yet contractors lack technology tooling to successfully meet these demands. They also increasingly struggle to manage and grow their businesses. Separately, there is an emergent class of on-demand workers who are also under-technologized, with every tech company seeking to use them (e.g. Uber, DoorDash, InstaCart) but not one to serve them with tech tools.

We launched PrimePro to solve these problems, and empower contractors and on-demand workers so they can focus on executing quality jobs, hone their craft, and grow their income.

Property data is typically stored across hundreds of fragmented sources, typically lacking integrity, which makes it difficult to get a holistic view of a property’s performance or to make an informed decision on the property’s value. Over 500,000 property managers and 7 million real estate investors experience this problem in the US alone.

We launched PropData to enable real estate investors, operators, and asset managers to make better and faster decisions by providing them with a source of truth for all of their property data along with business intelligence that highlights information that matters most.

Property management does not have a solution for maintenance inventory management. There are hundreds of parts that must be kept in stock for routine time-sensitive work orders, but lack of organization or tracking leads to delays, unhappy residents, theft, and waste.

We launched ShopSupply to create a digital solution for tracking inventory so property managers and maintenance teams can focus on optimizing property performance while transparently tracking, replenishing, and utilizing supplies.

Getting maintenance work done is a huge pain point. Anytime you need a painter, handyman, or other contractor, you have to go through the time consuming, complex process of finding reliable contractors, negotiating price, coordinating schedules, and ensuring quality. Property managers at large apartment complexes experience this problem every day, particularly with getting units ready to be leased, resulting in billions in lost rent annually.

We launched GetDone to solve this problem and to empower property managers. Our long term mission is to help people everywhere get done non-core tasks, so they can spend more time on family, career advancement, and enjoying life.

Applying computer vision intelligence to real estate starting with inspections.

Big data platform for verifying identity and credentials.

Natural language processing powered call routing, starting with maintenance and leasing. Uber for real estate operations.

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