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The marketplace to buy and sell fractional real estate.

With low minimum investments and more liquidity, OwnProp makes property investing more accessible.

OwnProp is a blockchain-based app that allows investors to buy and sell property with ease, transparency, and low cost.


Less than 8% of Americans own Commercial Real Estate (CRE).

Real estate investment minimums are typically $75k+, pricing out most Americans.

CRE holdings are illiquid, usually requiring investors to hold for 4-10 years.

White REITs are an alternative, they have high fees, no tax benefits, and offer limited choice compared to direct investment.


Fractionalize real estate using blockchain.

OwnProp democratizes access to pre-vetted commercial real estate deals and enables quick and simple investing.

Low minimums

Build a diversified portfolio of iconic properties.

Convenient Investing

Learn investing strategies and buy tokens in minutes.

Access to Liquidity

Trade your tokens on the secondary marketplace.