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Capital Growth Partner, Investor Relations

Austin, Texas

Why Elite Players Join Rex Tech 

Elite players join Rex Tech to: empower working people with better tech, be a part of a no-BS hardcore tech business with American/Texan ideals, and build a ridiculously valuable enterprise.

Background On Rex Tech 

Built ground-up multiple startups, all thematically within the real estate space. 6+ generating revenue with over $2B in assets being served and 13,000+ homes.

Rex Tech Mission Is To Empower People 

Rex's technology initiatives empower working people underserved by tech. The products help small business owners, property managers, and vendors make payments, find insurance, route work efficiently, and more.

Attributes Of An Ideal Candidate / What You’ll Do In This Role

  • 5+yrs capital raising from affluent investors. Excellent track record, prospecting to close.

  • Data-driven hunter: source capital from accredited investors, UHNWs, and family offices. Proactively identify, engage, secure. 

  • Articulate the unique advantages of investing in a diversified tech holding structure, demonstrating understanding of each company within the portfolio.

  • Analyze the investor market to tailor campaigns, using time-tested engagement practices while leveraging a CRM (Salesforce), automation, and social media.

  • Create impactful materials that resonate with the target investor community. Tailor financial models for a sophisticated investor base and perform valuation analyses. 

  • Manage the full investment cycle, from initial contact and presentation to closing and ongoing investor relations. Prep/maintain data room, including DDQ and pro-formas. 

  • Present at high-level meetings. Lead the investment process, negotiating mutually favorable terms, while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

  • Nurture robust relationships with current and prospective investors, serving as point of contact. Ensure robust pipeline for current and future capital needs.

  • Execute regular touchpoints by email, phone, Zoom, in-person, social media, livestreams/webinars, conferences/meetings with investors and prospects.

  • Strong investor network, particularly HNWs, UHNWs, and family offices. Superb understanding of the investment landscape, especially tech.


Compensation & Requirements 

  • Compensation commensurate with skill set with a bias toward equity to ensure shareholder alignment, hunger, and “skin in the game.”  

  • Realize life’s short; determined to make biggest impact.

  • Work from home, living locally in Austin (within 30 miles of downtown) for community purposes. Open to remote on an exception basis.

  • You understand entrepreneurship is no game for the thin-skinned. The book, “Hard Thing About Hard Things,” describes a leader vomiting from stress/anxiety. Hard, smart, long work is the norm. No guts, no glory. No pain, no gain. All in, or out.