Elevate humanity

Rex is founded and led by Peter Rex, and consists of technology, investment, and real estate businesses.

Rex is currently focused on recreating the real estate industry by disrupting how the entire system functions.

Rex has an elevated worldview, focused on creating abundance for all people. Each Rex Team is marked by a distinct ethos, leadership, industry focus and custboss. Yet each shares a common Mission to Elevate Humanity, a Vision for creating a world where any person anywhere can rise up and live abundantly, and a Motto to find a way or make one.

We are additionally united by a single invictus mentality.

We are driven by love at Rex. A love for who we serve, who we work with, and what we do. We express love through serving people in business primarily and also non-profit pursuits.

Our M.O. is to bet on humbold people, invest in invention, and execute scalably.

We only hire, partner, and collaborate with extremely upright, extremely smart, extremely driven people. And for Rex Teammates, we expect extreme teaming ability and a resolve to seek greatness, not comfort.

Our mandate is Apex. We are recreating the Earth. To start, we are building the world's largest economy. A place where the entire global workforce is empowered to find opportunity, build companies and realize daring dreams; with the ability to create abundance for their communities and themselves.

A New Land of Opportunity.