Serving People
in Business

Rex is an ecosystem of businesses founded and led by Peter Rex, and headquartered in Austin, Texas. We serve people across three primary verticals: technology, investments, and real estate.

The Rex Mission is to Elevate Humanity through Business. This is what we strive to do day to day.

The Rex Vision is to create a world where any person, anywhere, can rise up and live abundantly. This is our north star.

We have three priorities at Rex. Priorities which future investors, especially, should be aware of. First, our team. Second, our customers. Third, our investors.

We prioritize in this order because we believe it will drive the most shareholder value long-term. Which is to say we believe it will drive the most benefit for all three of the people we optimize for: team, customers, and investors.

We first prioritize having the best team because nemo dat quod non habet — you can’t give what you don’t have. We define “best” as the highest performing, most talented, and the best community of love as well as accountability and support.

Our ambition at Rex is massive. We are just getting started. Everything up until this point has been 16 years of foundation laying. We are going to now experience a cambrian explosion, and grow compoundingly over the next 10, 20, 30 and even 60 years to serve people of all nations. We will be the largest, most formidable force of love, life and light ever built in business.