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Tech Sales Multifamily Real Estate

Austin, Texas

Why Elite Players Join Rex Tech

Elite players join Rex Tech to: empower working people with better tech, be a part of a no-BS hardcore tech business with American/Texan ideals, and build a ridiculously valuable enterprise. 

Background On Rex Tech

Built ground-up multiple startups, all thematically within the real estate space. 6+ generating revenue with over $2B in assets being served and 13,000+ homes.

Rex Tech Mission Is To Empower People

Rex's technology initiatives empower working people underserved by tech. The products help small business owners, property managers, and vendors make payments, find insurance, route work efficiently, and more.

Attributes Of An Ideal Candidate / What You’ll Do In This Role

  • 3-7yrs tech sales in multifamily real estate / property management. Top percentile performer.
  • Strong in-place rolodex to the multifamily / property management world. Industry credibility with domain knowledge, understanding the many stakeholders.
  • Preference for experience selling on behalf of or to clients using: ResMan, Yardi, AppFolio, RealPage, MRI, Entrata.
  • Loves sales. Fanatical hunter from cold to close. Sources contacts, generates leads, qualifies, advances, closes. Gutsy. Makes “the ask”. 
  • Actively generates new leads. Constantly top-filling/prospecting. Reaching out in high quantity with quality. Cold-calling/emailing/DMing. Blitzes events, socials to create new relationships, understand needs, and effectively position to become warm leads. 
  • Data-driven, leveraging CRM to track details, including use case, purchase time frames, next steps, and forecasting. Harnesses tools/automation to optimize sales engine.
  • Strong preference for startup / early stage experience. 
  • Sales pioneer who improves GTM motion across one or more products, creates/refines playbook, packaging products a la carte and as a cohort. Establishes well-tuned ICPs.
  • Develops stakeholders relationships to bridge swift customer feedback to influence product strategic direction and catalyze marketing to drive inbound leads.
  • Knows the math of the sales engine, conversion rates, funnel/pipeline management.
  • Gets sales, one way or the other. Indexes on results, to the exclusion of all else. 

Compensation & Requirements

  • Compensation commensurate with skill set with a bias toward equity to ensure shareholder alignment, hunger, and “skin in game”.
  • Realize life’s short; determined to make biggest impact.
  • Work from home, living locally in Austin (within 30 miles of downtown) for community purposes. Open to remote on an exception basis.
  • You understand entrepreneurship is no game for the thin-skinned. The book, “Hard Thing About Hard Things,” describes a leader vomiting from stress/anxiety. Hard, smart, long work is the norm. No guts, no glory. No pain, no gain. All in, or out.