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Customer Success

Austin, Texas

Why Elite Players Join Rex Tech 

Elite players join Rex Tech to: empower working people with better tech, be a part of a no-BS hardcore tech business with American/Texan ideals, and build a ridiculously valuable enterprise.

Background On Rex Tech 

Built ground-up multiple startups, all thematically within the real estate space. 6+ generating revenue with over $2B in assets being served and 13,000+ homes.

Rex Tech Mission Is To Empower People 

Rex's technology initiatives empower working people underserved by tech. The products help small business owners, property managers, and vendors make payments, find insurance, route work efficiently, and more.

Attributes Of An Ideal Candidate / What You’ll Do In This Role

  • 3+yrs building Customer Success/Support functions; early stage thru growth.
  • Salesperson cloaked as customer success, growing product usage, and revenue via upsell, cross-sell, renewals, and most importantly a world-class experience.
  • Process-driven ability to handle multiple customers while synthesizing common pain points and improvements. Gets in field with users to gather intel, drive feedback loops.
  • Knows the best marketing is a great product experience. Collaborate closely to align the product roadmap with customer/user needs, ensuring ongoing relevance and value.
  • Strong customer empathy, anticipating improvements ahead of the customer/user. Strong communicator with engineering/product team.
  • Harness customer relationships to create compelling case studies, secure referrals, and generate positive reviews.
  • Stay abreast of industry trends, best practices, and the competitive landscape.  Leverage this knowledge to provide strategic guidance and advice to customers.
  • Excellence onboarding/training, then driving customer success across multiple channels, eg ticketing systems, online communities, live chat, and direct messaging platforms.
  • Facilitate Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with key stakeholders from medium-sized accounts, driving strategic discussions and identifying opportunities for mutual growth.


Compensation & Requirements 

  • Compensation commensurate with skill set with a bias toward equity to ensure shareholder alignment, hunger, and “skin in the game.”  
  • Realize life’s short; determined to make biggest impact.
  • Work from home, living locally in Austin (within 30 miles of downtown) for community purposes. Open to remote on an exception basis.
  • You understand entrepreneurship is no game for the thin-skinned. The book, “Hard Thing About Hard Things,” describes a leader vomiting from stress/anxiety. Hard, smart, long work is the norm. No guts, no glory. No pain, no gain. All in, or out.