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Data intelligence platform for smarter real estate decisions.

Better real estate data. Better real estate decisions.

A data intelligence platform powering smarter investment & operational decisions.


CRE investments are difficult and time consuming to analyze due to the glut of inconsistent rental data.

Analysts often consult at least 4 rental data sources when underwriting a deal.

Market rents vary 10-20% across top sources for the same multifamily deal.

Most technology solutions provide aggregated rent data, which masks hyperlocal trends.


Robust Rental Comps.

PropData provides a holistic view of rental comps for mid-market private equity firms to make faster and more informed investments.

Centralized Rent Data

Brings multiple rent sources together for a holistic picture of deal potential.

Accurate Benchmarks

Serves rents from real-time sources, rather than stale sources pervading the industry.

Hyperlocal Trends

Shows rental trends on an individual property level, rather than aggregated market level.