Creating the Future of
Real Estate  

At Rex, we build and operate an ecosystem of synergistic tech companies at the intersection of technology and real estate.

We're disrupting the largest asset class in the world with technology that serves and empowers humanity.

Peter Rex sitting on a couch in a modern office explaining how Rex will disrupt current tech leadership

The Rex Story


New Tech built on new leadership

New Cultural Soil

We chose Texas. A place built by pioneers, engineers, and those who protect and promote faith, family, and freedom. View Pete’s WSJ Op-ed to learn more.

New Tech Ecosystem

We building an abundance of 3 things: mission-driven talent, aligned capital, and strong allies.

Our Entry Point is Real Estate

We’ve chosen real estate as our entry point. This enables us to build on a massive scale. It’s a multifaceted, undisrupted $280 trillion sector that intersects with virtually every industry on earth.

Creating the Future of Real Estate is a monumental task that will require decades of long, hard, and smart work. We will succeed. All pain is nothing compared to the joy of serving others.