The World’s Largest Service Provider

We are building the world’s largest service provider. Where any service you want, anywhere on Earth, is provided with high quality, speed, and a reasonable price.

We are bringing the simplicity and efficiency of technology to the complex and cumbersome world of services. Our entry point is via real estate services. An area where our team is uniquely positioned because of years of experience, testing, and success as entrepreneurs.

We already have many customers who enjoy our product so much so that we are experiencing organic growth based solely on our service and without any sales effort. Our customer retention rate is over 90%, meaning we have virtually no churn.

We are able to deliver a delightful customer experience because our tech automates the operational complexity associated with scheduling, routing, quality assurance, and invoicing. We stand behind the service 100% from start to finish, so customers can enjoy a pleasant, one-stop shop without the typical BS.

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Hundred Million Home Manager

We are liberating property ownership from the burdens of property management by building a service that is steadfast in performance. As easy as streaming a movie on Netflix rather than the old way of going to Blockbuster to rent. Property owners can then spend more time on family, fun, and work; instead of dealing with the hassles of management. And we can open the market to others who have longed to own property but have avoided it because of the headache.

To execute our vision, we are creating a highly trained workforce optimized to excel in asset management and the use of tech. We emphasize asset management because it is the most durable property management need. It will never be disrupted. It is also the most upstream service, impacting all service level decisions down to the property site.

We equally emphasize excellence in the use of tech because otherwise leveraging human output on property management (including asset management) is impossible; and we will be stuck in an increasingly bureaucratic industry that shackles its people and stifles innovation.

Our entry point is managing larger sized multi-family properties, an area ripe for creative destruction, where we are competitively advantaged due to our team’s deep knowledge, network, capabilities, and successful entrepreneurial experience in the space. 

We have begun with larger properties and will next expand service to include smaller properties; eventually managing all the way down to a single unit residential property. We will then, having conquered the entire residential property management vertical, move horizontally into office, retail, industrial, and land property management services. 

We are now small and in the early stage of our initiative. We are making steady progress with increased customer satisfaction month over month, and tracking to hit 12,000 apartments under management. We expect and are ready for a long journey to the top, with tens of thousands of iterative improvements along the way. In 10 to 20 years, we will be the world’s best. In about 30 years, we will have completely transformed property management and be the largest property management company ever built by orders of magnitude.

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Everyone’s Back Office

We are building a back office for everyone – an AWS for company admin and support services. Enabling people to focus their best efforts on what differentiates them, on what requires their creativity; while we handle the mundane, undifferentiated, non-core stuff that is needed for businesses and non-profit organizations to thrive.

We are bringing the power of big data and machine learning to the back office. This will help drive automation, increase efficiencies, suggest smart options, power up bots, match requests to services, and provide key insights. The tech will reduce overall costs, enabling us to pass on the savings to our customers and reinvest surplus into further innovations.

Our entry point is real estate services, particularly pesky ones. We are currently live at many properties where our customers enthusiastically enjoy the product. We target areas that have a high cost to carry on certain jobs, high turnover rates in a position, a service which could be done centrally just as well as locally, chronic problems like petty theft or ineptitude, or other financial or managerial challenges endemic to an on-site professional who can easily escape accountability. 

Our services are being built in a modular way so customers can pick one, a few, or all of them – a la carte, designed to scale down to a small property or up to a large complex.

We will eventually move beyond just serving companies in the real estate space, and become an aid to all work, everywhere. Acting as a globally accessible infrastructure-as-a-service that powers future businesses and nonprofits. Companies can then spend their time doing what they do best – entrepreneurially serving a unique need for people.

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Real Estate Democratized

We are democratizing real estate investment by building a service where anyone can invest into real estate anywhere, pain-free and with small or large amounts of capital. This is important because real estate generates the majority of wealth in the world yet most are locked out of participation. We want the people at large, not just the rich, to have the opportunity to get a piece of the action.

Real estate investing is currently fragmented, terribly inefficient, and costly. In short, it is ripe for disruption. We are competitively advantaged to recreate real estate investing because of our deep knowledge of real estate, law, accounting, finance, and tech; and entrepreneurial successes in real estate investing. 

We are still in pre-launch stage and thus being very discreet. However, we believe people would be well-served by this initiative. The market is big, with no credible threats. We are bullish and eager to launch when the stars align. Stay tuned…

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