March 10, 2022

Peter Rex Partners with the Texas Blockchain Council

by PRNewswire, Contributor

March 10, 2022 1:22 PM | 2 min read

AUSTIN, Texas, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Peter Rex, Founder and CEO of Rex, has joined the Texas Blockchain Council (TBC) as advisor to the Real Estate and Tokenization group. Rex is an ecosystem of tech companies focused on real estate and the democratization of opportunity blockchain technology enables. Peter Rex chose to relocate his company from the West Coast to Texas because it is a place built by pioneers, independent thinkers, engineers and those who protect and promote faith, family and freedom.

TBC, the industry association behind the passage of two pieces of blockchain related legislation, is dedicated to making the Lone Star State a world leader in bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Rex's focus on empowering people by building innovative tech startups in the payments, security, and real estate space makes them a natural partner for the TBC.According to TBC President Lee Bratcher, "Peter's vision to democratize real estate investing through blockchain technology will not only yield greater liquidity and lower investment thresholds, but will also benefit all Americans by bringing transparency and efficiency to an industry that is traditionally accessible only to those with significant financial means."

TBC's Digital Asset Committee is developing innovative policy proposals that will further advance Texas as a leader in blockchain and in the tokenization of real estate.

"For too long, real estate investment has been limited to those with means, locking out millions of Americans who have been unable to take advantage of historically the most effective way to build wealth," said Peter Rex. "Rex is changing that. Through blockchain technology, we can give everyone an opportunity to build wealth for themselves and their families via real estate investment. Rex is proud to be partnering with TBC to make Texas the Blockchain Capital of the world and create greater financial opportunity for all."

TBC is partnering with companies like Rex and their more than 80 member companies to host the second annual Texas Blockchain Summit in 2022, with details forthcoming.

For press inquiries, contact Lee Bratcher of the Texas Blockchain Council: and for Peter Rex contact Christian McGuigan of Rex:

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